Of all the things we do to produce Peacock in the Park, the most daunting is writing the “thank yous”. LOL! There are so many darling people who make this happen and the very last thing we want to do is forget to thank them all. Whether you helped on Sunday, performed, donated, sponsored or just came to support, we thank you most sincerely for helping us keep the Legacy of Lady Elaine Peacock, her sister Misty Marie Waters and their Mother Audria M. Edwards alive by entertaining Portland, celebrating our community and raising money to promote continued education for LGBTQ students in Oregon and SW Washington.

Maria and I would like to start by thanking our small but very hard working Board of Directors: Jane Arends, Gina Valdez, Monica Boulevard, Cassie Nova, Corey Payne, Niki Davis and honorary and founding member of Peacock Productions, Inc. Poison Marie Waters. These fine folks work all year to plan, produce and be the face of all things Peacock. They literally set aside the whole month of June to work their tails off from the All Ages Show thru the Stark Street Block Party to Peacock in the Park. Thank you so much for your efforts and for being “All Hands on Deck” at the Park, setting-up, tearing-down, cleaning, cooking, entertaining, taking donations, selling merchandise, counting money… rinse and repeat. We appreciate you so very much!!

Michael Sorensen and Robert Goman have been Heaven-Sent to Peacock in the Park. These two individuals are responsible for our wildly successful sponsorship campaign and for putting together, setting-up, tearing-down and largely funding the VIP area. The Ying and Yang of fundraising, Michael Sorensen’s passion is palpable. He has been working, walking and talking Peacock in the Park for months, while Robert’s quiet elegance, humor, calm and generosity tell the story of his absolute commitment to the cause. The two of them together strike a chord that sings out “SUCCESS”!

Our graphic designer William Smith has spent countless hours designing all the advertising, postcards, posters, theater slides and the sets for the 2014 & 15 Peacock in the Park stages. William connected us to an illustrator who created the new Lady Elaine Peacock graphic and he has worked hard to make us look amazing for many years. Thank you William!

Carlos Silvas has been our “Portrait” photographer for several years now, donating his services to ensure that we have fresh images to work with year after year. From Peacock After Dark to Bat ‘N Rouge to Peacock in the Park, Carlos has been there with an artistic eye and such a great talent. Thank you Carlos.

We want to thank Marty Davis who came home from her world-wide wonderings to shoot this year’s Peacock in the Park. Everything always looks so amazing through Marty’s lens!! Thank you for making Peacock in the Park a destination on your adventure. We love having you! We also want to thank our dear Lauren Palmer. Lauren has always been so incredibly generous with her photos and her fantastic work from Peacock in the Park 2014 was featured in much of our advertising this year as was a great shot by Byron Beck. Terra Ware was also on hand with her camera to capture the day. Thank you so much Terra.

For the past few years, we have been blessed with Kevin and his wonderful husband Naoki. Last year Kevin gave our website a much needed face lift and this year, he completely switched us over to a new platform with another re-design. Kevin also made several Peacock in the Park teaser videos, designed our new PITP logo, created a YouTube channel, wrote press releases and handled all the media outreach. He and Naoki helped with set-up and provided technical assistance and A/V equipment for the Stark St. Block Party and they plan on posting all the new footage from this year’s Peacock in the Park as soon as it is available. Whew! These are two hard working individuals and we are so grateful for their quiet, behind the scenes work!

Anthony Rath, Louanne Floding (Babalou), Patricia Laurine (Patti Wild), Laurie Kash, Steve Steinboch, Michael Stanley, Jay Dela’Rosa, Bill Westervelt, Anthony Ditto, Victoria Hammens, Maddie Bailey-Giliam, Rufus Beirly, and Johnathan Council made up our Safe Sets Construction Crew! AMAZING!!! We can’t tell you how much your hard work meant to us and how grateful we are that the set –up and tear-down was so quick and efficient. Special thanks to Anthony Rath for designing, storing, renting the U-Haul and transporting our sets again this year. Thank you Babalou for running around to pick-up, purchase and deliver supplies, banners for the shuttles, the big checks, tools, concession equipment and for working so very hard on Sunday. Laurie, thanks for the special Safe Sets T-shirts and for bringing your Ginger crew all the way from Rainier.

Our concession & souvenir volunteers Richard Pickernell, JJ Sylvermane, Shelley Smith, Della Bouche’, Mary Entrikin, Don Hood, Scott Seibert and Joanne Warden, thank you for all your hard work satisfying our guests with tasty snow cones, hot dogs and icy drinks as well as T-Shirts, hats, rhinestones and feathers. We are especially grateful to those of you who took the time and spent your own coins to take the food handlers test to make sure we were meeting the requirements of our temporary restaurant permit.

Dawn & Jamie, thank you so much for renting another U-Haul, picking-up all the ice and bottled water, delivering everything to the park and then bringing everything home and helping put it into storage on Monday. Your commitment and generosity is amazing!! We also thank you for organizing the security volunteers Joeey Thom, Shel Bishop, Jenn Wroten, Nicki and Ben, Simone. It really is a thankless job to be backstage all day directing traffic or at the end of the access road etc. We really, really thank you for embracing the cause and recognizing that you are doing work that is necessary and appreciated!!

Monty Herron, thanks for the hospitality you showed our VIPs as well as set-up, tear-down and being one of our handsome Money Honeys along with Scott Dillinger and Michael Sorensen. Daniel Barrows and Derek Chavez, your help all day was fantastic and we are especially grateful for your efforts to help us cleanup at the end of the night along with Mychaul Flescher and so many others previously mentioned. Thank goodness for people like you who were there with great energy and strength when some of us were at the end of our energy supply. It means everything!!

Alan Shea Anderson-Priddy, Chelsea Sprauer, Ben Starkey and the crew of PCCTV, thank you for filming Peacock in the Park again this year. You are such a joy to work with and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate being able to count on you to show up on time and do your work with minimal supervision. LOL!! Thank you for helping us document our little show.

Clint Kaster, Brian Overall, Aaron Geiger, Steven Herrell, Michael Lee, ShelleY Hutchinson thank you so much for bringing the sound to Peacock in the Park. We really appreciate your efforts. Clint, you are an absolute dream to work with. Thank you for the months of planning and for always coming in within our budget.

Thank you Trevor Scott for all your help with music!!

To all the entertainers, thank you for all the rehearsals, the costumes, talent and energy. Obviously, we couldn’t do this without you. Thank you to the 95.5 pre-show team Huggie and Ice, The Oregon Bears, Bolivia Carmichaels, Dani Sullivan Ward, Rasha Pecoraro, Tamra Gallucci (the BB Dolls), Patti O’Dora, Monica Blvd., Darcelle XV, Chiffon Valentine, James Panther, The Imperial Sovereign Rose Court, Lotta Liquor, Rodney Howard, Summer Seasons, Work Dance Co., CJ Mickens & Co., Meca Nuniz & Co., Lulu Luscious & Co., Athens Scities & Co., The Imperial Court of the Raintree Empire and of course to our amazing Co-Host, Poison Marie Waters. We love and appreciate you so much!! Also, thanks to Christopher Pabst, Neeta and Chrissy for taking such good care of Maria for the day.

Our sign language interpreters were wonderful this year and we’d like to thank them for all their hard work before and during the show. Tammy Richards, Jean Miller, Sharon Gibbons, David Mendez-Cantu and James Rae.

Finally, we want to thank our sponsors: Fred Meyer, Wells Fargo Bank, Robert Goman, Scandals, Silverado, Steam Portland, Stoli, The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Raintree Empire, PQ Monthly, Live 95.5, The Standard, Morel Ink, Jane & Shelley, William Hinkly, Deb Counts-Tabor, Portland Integrated Health, TWIST, US, Bank, Vibrant Table, Balloons on Broadway and Scott Stafford and Ron Tonkin Fiat and the Benrati Charitable Trust. We also received generous donations from Dameion Van Grant, Timothy Thunder, W. Scott Osburne and Jerrick Hope-Lang. Thank you for supporting us and for believing that it is important to foster growth in our community by providing opportunities for us to gather, celebrate and raise money to send our brothers and sisters to college.

Well, as we said at the beginning of this long list of thank yous, it is the most daunting task of the whole year. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate every single person who made Peacock in the Park such a success and we sincerely hope we didn’t leave anyone out. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who helped in any way. We hope to see you all on June 26, 2016 for our 21st Peacock in the Park at the Washington Park Amphitheater in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Kimberlee Van Patten; Member, Board of Directors