Peacock In The Park is a spectacular summertime variety show made possible by the efforts of an army of dedicated volunteers. Some folks volunteer all year long while others help on the day of the event. Seasoned volunteers have already signed up for several posts but we are looking for a few more FABULOUS folks to make this year sparkle!

The jobs we need help with include:

June 25th (the day of the show)

  • Set up (8am-Noon)
  • iPad donation agents (for roaming the crowd to take credit card donations, and etc. Noon – 5:30)
  • 3 crowd cash collection teams of 8 members (2:30pm-5:30pm)
  • Cleanup/tear-down (5pm-8pm, garbage collection, set-deconstruction, loading cars etc.)

Before the show (June 5-10)

  • Poster hanging and flier distribution

 If you can help out, there is a t-shirt in it for you!  Send us a message using the form below!